Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Reasons to Quit Smoking (Reasons 11 Through 20)

If reasons 1 through 10 were not enough... here are a few more reasons
to consider a non-smoking lifestyle :)

11. Enjoy chocolate more. Women who smoke are less sensitive to
sweet flavors like chocolate.
12. Live longer. Each cigarette smoked is said to cut eleven
minutes from your expected life span. (I should either be dead already
or was gonna live to see 500!)
13. Keep your walls their original paint color instead of the
yellow stained hues that are next to impossible to remove.
14. Keep your original hair color. Smokers are more likely to
go prematurely gray.
15. Keep your original hair. Male smokers are twice as likely
to bald as non-smokers.
16. Decrease your risk of depression.
17. Protect your pets. They suffer from second hand smoke too!
Pets in smoke-filled homes are at risk of developing oral cancers,
lymphoma, lung cancer and nasal cancers.
18. Stay healthy. Smokers are sick an average of 11 more days a
year than non-smokers.
19. No more lil round burn holes in your clothing or on your car seats.
20. Be nagged less. I dunno about you...? But my family and
pretty much everyone I know considers it an act of love -- or their
civic duty -- to nag me about quitting. I figure the longer I stay
quit, the more peace and quiet I will enjoy... could happen! Or more
likely they'll find something else to nag me about.

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Medical Marijuana headed to the nation's capital?

Fourteen states have legalized medical marijuana in the 14 years since California became the first to do so; several more are working on legislation now. DC City Council Member has introduced Initiative 59 with the co-sponsorship of nine of 13 fellow council members. According to Catania, the evidence suggests a legitimate medical use for the stimulation of appetite and reduction of pain.

Policy details such as how many marijuana dispensaries to allow, whether the dispensaries will be nonprofit or private, which diseases prescription marijuana will cover, and where medical marijuana will be grown remain to be worked out. A DC city council spokesman says the bill is likely to get through the council by late spring, and is expected to be approved by Congress by the end of summer.

Studies have found medical cannabis to be effective in alleviating nausea, stimulating the appetite in AIDS and cancer patients and acting as a general pain reliever. The American Medical Association "calls for further adequate and well-controlled studies of marijuana and related cannabinoids in patients" in a policy statement that takes a cautious position on the issue.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Erica Rhodes: Whip Smart 'Barney' kid onto Hollywood

Erica Rhodes, formerly a cast member of ''Barney and Friends'' auditions for Season 9 of American Idol in a dominatrix costume, complete with whip!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reasons to Quit Smoking (Reasons 1 Through 10)

If you need some help coming up with a list of reasons to quit smoking, here are some of mine, beginning with where it hurt me the most. My wallet! Feel free to add yours!

1. You won't have to pay more and more and more and more each year as cigarette taxes continue to rise. Lawmakers have finally figured out that price increases cause smokers to reduce consumption... and the medical costs of smokers are a huge burden to states.
2. You'll inhale fewer germs with your smoke. Apparently cigarettes are crawling with germs. BLUGH!!
3. You'll sleep better. Nightly nicotine withdrawal disturbs regular sleep cycles.
4. Quitting is a great excuse to play video games. Its been found that playing online games distracts smokers!
5. Nonsmokers have stronger bones than smokers. Women lose 2.3% to 3.3% of bone mineral density for every 10 pack-years of tobacco use. The effects are worse in postmenopausal women.
6. Enjoy your food more. Smoking diminishes the taste of food and the pleasure of eating.
7. Eat less. Despite the well-known muting of taste buds, smoking does contribute to weird food cravings and is associated with greater calorie intake, mostly from foods higher in saturated fats and cholesterol.
8. Preserve your sense of smell. About twice as many smokers as nonsmokers have a reduced sense of smell.
9. Avoid that attractive "yellow fingers" look. Smoking can permanently stain your fingers.
10. You'll be less wrinkly. After 10 years, smoking can speed up your skin's aging process by narrowing your skin's blood vessels and damaging the tissues that give the skin its strength and elasticity.

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You Can Be a Quitter Too!

Well... 30 years after I started smoking during sophomore year in
college, I have FINALLY kicked the smoking habit! So how did I manage to
quit a 2-pack a day smoking habit when I'd tried quitting quite a few
times before? Frankly I'm not sure. I "think" that I finally got tired
of the expense... both to my wallet and my health.

Oddly enough, I thought the first cigarette I smoked was gross. The
only reason I started was because I hated the smell! Yep - I
discovered that I didn't smell the yucky smoke when I lit up with
everyone else! Dumb huh? (sigh)

What made this time different from a practical perspective was that I
took action beforehand. Not like stocking up on lollipops so I would
have something to do with my hands. I really thought hard about the
reasons to quit and the reasons not to quit. I thought through how I
would fill the time I used to spend smoking. And... I started walking.
Half an hour every day. I figured that if I could stick with a 30
minute walk every day for one month... no matter what... that maybe I
had the persistence to stick with a "quit smoking" plan too.

After 30 days of walking for 30 minutes every day, I put out my last
cigarette. I still miss it from time to time. Still take a brisk walk
when it gets a little intense. Still try on occasion to come up with a
good rationalization for falling off the wagon. But have not done it
yet. The list of reasons to quit are very long. The list of reasons
not to quit ... well... there's only one... "I want a cigarette". And
somehow that doesn't quite measure up to the long list of reasons
there are to STAY quit.

So how bout it? Try making your own list and see if you can be a quitter too ;)

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Michael Lynche Cut from Idol's Top 24

"Big Mike" Lynche was cut from American Idol's Top 24 last weekend thanks to his dad. Apparently dad blabbed to the local "St Pete Times" to confirm Mike's selection, a blatant violation of the confidentiality agreement. All is not a total loss. Mike did wind up with a contract from a small recording studio. Hard to believe that his Idol career is over before we even got to meet him!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Filipinos do it again!

Sony Entertainment has released a "This is It" video performed by the Philippines Cebu Provisional Jail inmates as part of the launch of Jackson's "This is It'' DVD. The inmates worked with Travis Payne, Jackson's choreographer, on this follow up to their 2007 "Thriller", as well as with professional dancers Daniel Celebre and Dreis Reid.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Tampa Bay Represented in Top 24 American Idol Semifinal List! **SPOILERS**

With 3 city callback audition broadcasts remaining, the list of top 24 semifinalists that will be officially announced in American Idol's February 17th episode has been all but finalized. Hailing from Plant City, Florida myself, I was excited to see several Tampa Bay natives among them!
One of the area semifinalists, Tampa's Janell Wheeler, was featured during a montage of three female singers in the January 20th broadcast with her rendition of "House of the Rising Sun," originally made popular in 1964 by The Animals. With a background in classical music study, Wheeler now describes her style as a fusion of pop, soul and country music.
St. Petersburg native Michael Lynche was not shown in the broadcast at all. A graduate of Gibbs High School, Lynche went on to earn a full academic and athletic scholarship to the University of Central Florida, where he played defensive lineman. He now resides in New York City to further his music career. Lynche's website describes his music as a cross between Gnarls Barkley, Outcast and R. Kelly. His brother Marque advanced to the semi-finals in 2004, but was cut from the competition before the Finals.
Other Bay Area residents receiving golden tickets, but not continuing on to the semifinals, include 19-year-old Kasi Bedford from Seminole and 28-year-old Seth Rollins from Lakeland, who brought along his autistic son. Shelby Dressel, an 18 year old Avon Park resident, another golden ticket recipient featured in the broadcast, was passed through to Hollywood despite forgetting her words and letting slip with an expletive. (Simon said yes with a "small y" to Shelby, while Randy chimed in with a YES with 3 big letters)
The remaining semifinalists from the Orlando auditions include 16 year old Pennsylvania resident Aaron Kelly, winner of the American Idol Experience attraction at Hollywood Studios, and Miami native Michelle Delamor.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Safety First Crib Recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall for approximately 635,000 Safety First/Dorel-brand infant cribs that were sold in Kmart, Sears, and Wal-Mart stores betwen January 2005 and December 2009. The dropside of the crib detaches, creating a gap where the child can become trapped.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Tip Toe Through the Tulips with Me"

If you missed the show, a play by play can be found on the Mahalo Live Blog along with the list of hopefuls you've seen who have made it to the top 24. Kind of an "eh" night to be honest ... except for an utterly ridiculous -- but accurate -- Tiny Tim impression from Pittsburgh's Brian Krause with the award for best tip toe of the ''Idol'' evening. One of those you gotta see to believe! The guy does a great deadpan too. Somehow I think he was really auditioning for a comedy circuit.

Surprisingly good were John Park and Katelyn Epperly.

On the news front... Ayla Brown's dad Scott ran away with the Massachusetts Senate Special Election and is now the senator from Massachusetts. Should be interesting goings on in Massachusetts while they determine when he will get sworn in over the next few weeks.

The Rumors are swirling -- AI's Top 24!

Barely into the callback auditions, 20 of the 24 spots are a known quantity! All 12 of the guys, and 8 of the 12 girls are pretty much a done deal, with 4 girls still on the fence. Click here for the first batch of top 24 ''American Idol'' semifinalists from the Boston Auditions! Did you miss last week? Catch the play-by-play of the January 12 and January 13 episodes before the live blog starts at 8 PM EST!

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Where are they now? AI's Ayla Brown

Scott Brown, father of Season 5 ''American Idol'' Top 24 contestant, Ayla Brown just may take the senate seat once held by the late Ted Kennedy in today's special election in Massachusetts! Conventional wisdom held that the democratic candidate, current Attorney General Martha Coakley, would win in a landslide, but the race has turned out to be wayyyy tighter than expected! The seat is hotly contested and a pivotal vote in the upcoming health care legislation.
Conversely, Ayla, thought to be a shoo-in for the Top 12 in talent, was edged out by the "more likeable" Melissa McGee. Ayla currently plays basketball on scholarship for Boston College and has released two albums. She's also been a very articulate advocate for her dad's senate seat bid. Check out Ayla's ''Idol'' swan song. The gaucho pants might just have been her undoing! What do you think?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Country girls and pants on the ground

A few "doozy" performances headlined last night's Idol show, topped off with 62 year old General Larry Platt's performance of his original Pants on the Ground. Platt was wayyy over the Idol age limit and not the best singer, but there was just "something" about that song! I am sure General Platt will enjoy his 15 minutes of fame! Idol Season 9 still looks to be all about the girls! If last night is any indication, a lot of country girls!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An ''Idol'' Opener

Wow…! The season opener of Idol was its usual blend of tears, squeals of delights and downright JERKS! The egocentric and pompous Andrew Fenlon, unanimously voted "Most Arrogant Contestant EVER, did a fine job representing jerks nationwide! The montages of strangeness did not disappoint. And of course, the talent was nothing short of amazing! Check out the likes of Katie Stevens, Justin Williams, Maddy Curtis and Ashley Rodriguez! Looks like it's girl's year this time, fellas ;)

American Idol - Back on TV!

Hiatus is over and American Idol is back for another season on FOX - beginning tonight at 8 PM EST! With the departure of Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell confirming he is leaving the show after this season, and newly appointed judge Ellen Degeneres chiming in that she probably won't stay if Simon leaves, the drama has begun before the season's official kickoff! Tune in for the highlights of the evening and scoops on the upcoming weeks at the Mahalo liveblog as it happens!