Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Reasons to Quit Smoking (Reasons 11 Through 20)

If reasons 1 through 10 were not enough... here are a few more reasons
to consider a non-smoking lifestyle :)

11. Enjoy chocolate more. Women who smoke are less sensitive to
sweet flavors like chocolate.
12. Live longer. Each cigarette smoked is said to cut eleven
minutes from your expected life span. (I should either be dead already
or was gonna live to see 500!)
13. Keep your walls their original paint color instead of the
yellow stained hues that are next to impossible to remove.
14. Keep your original hair color. Smokers are more likely to
go prematurely gray.
15. Keep your original hair. Male smokers are twice as likely
to bald as non-smokers.
16. Decrease your risk of depression.
17. Protect your pets. They suffer from second hand smoke too!
Pets in smoke-filled homes are at risk of developing oral cancers,
lymphoma, lung cancer and nasal cancers.
18. Stay healthy. Smokers are sick an average of 11 more days a
year than non-smokers.
19. No more lil round burn holes in your clothing or on your car seats.
20. Be nagged less. I dunno about you...? But my family and
pretty much everyone I know considers it an act of love -- or their
civic duty -- to nag me about quitting. I figure the longer I stay
quit, the more peace and quiet I will enjoy... could happen! Or more
likely they'll find something else to nag me about.

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