Wednesday, December 22, 2010

E-book Gift-Giving Made Easy for Kindle Apps

This holiday season, I gave my best friend a Kindle! I have loved my ebook reader since I got it last July... and wanted to share the joy! Why the Kindle you ask? As opposed to the nook or one of the many other e-books? One of the main reasons is that as of November, I was able to buy a Kindle book as a gift. It has been surprisingly difficult with any of the services to purchase books as gifts until then.

When you purchase a Kindle book for someone, obtaining the gift is really easy. You will need to enter their email address at the time of purchase. The recipient will then need to click on a link in the email and click on another link once they get to the Amazon site to accept the gift. Once accepted, all that remains is downloading the book to their Kindle. This same process also works for any of the free Kindle apps, including those for the PC, smartphone or tablets rather than the device itself.

As a Kindle user who has many friends with Kindles, I'm glad that Amazon finally began offering this option. And I'm surprised that Apple, Barnes & Noble and Sony haven't followed Amazon's lead! Think of all the money being left on the table! What retailer can afford to do that?

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