Friday, February 19, 2010

World of Warcraft Cataclysm News

The Activision Blizzard 2009 Fourth Quarter Earnings Conference Call on February 10, 2009 revealed exciting information regarding the new ''Cataclysm'' expansion for the highly popular ''World of
Warcraft''... Still no firm release date, but Mike Morhaime did mention progressing towards a planned release during the latter half of 2010.

In addition to introducing new races, dungeons, and playable areas, expect a complete overhaul of the existing game content and improved design with ''Cataclysm'', primarily in the early gaming experience both for new players and replayability for the current player community.

Another new feature planned with this expansion is the ability for players to access the in-game Auction House remotely from the web or mobile devices like the iPhone.

The World of Warcraft Pet Store will be also be selling virtual pets. Two of the new pets recently announced are the Wind Rider Cub and the Gryphon Hatchling. Purchases of the virtual pets will also include a plush stuffed version of the virtual pet.

According to the information on the call, there are also upcoming pricing adjustments to World of Warcraft. Some components of the game will remain a premium service, while other aspects will be free.
Pricing has not yet been finalized. Watch for more about that at a later date.

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