Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nationwide Lobster Recall: Listeria Contamination

The FDA announced that a nationwide US lobster meat recall was issued after tests determined it could be contaminated with Listeria. The recall affects the Portland Shellfish Company, Inc., Claw island, Craig's All Natural, and Inland Ocean products thaqt shipped between May 12 and June 8, 2010. The lobster meat was sold via cooked, fresh or frozen packages in both wholesale and retail stores. Check the FDA website for a complete listing of lot numbers and package types before eating any lobster purchased from the aforementioned companies. Specific questions may be addressed by contacting Portland Shellfish at 207-699-5505 during standard business hours. Return recalled lobster to the place of purchase for a refund. As of June 17, no illnesses had been reported due to ingestion of any affected lobster.

Listeria may cause a variety of digestive tract problems as well as headaches, stiffness and fever in otherwise healthy people. Listeria may be potentially fatal in young children, the frail, and the elderly.

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