Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now it's Time to say Good-bye

With the current economic climate, several retail staples are at death's door. According to 24/7 Wall St, brands that you have become familiar with that are rumored to be closing their doors by 2011 are:

1. Zales (made the Forbes list for firms with extreme financial risk)
2. Reader's Digest (it seems that large, widely circulated magazines like Newsweek, US News, TV Guide and Reader's Digest have no future in America in their current form)
3. Blockbuster (thanks to video on demand, Red Box and Netflix)
4. Dollar Thrifty Car Rental (Avis and Hertz are battling out purchase options)
5. T-Mobile (may be merging with with Sprint-Nextel or Virgin Mobile)
6. Moody’s Corp. (arguably with the largest negative brand equity in the U.S. due to scandals)
7. BP (watch for a company restructuring and renaming to rebuild its badly crippled brand, similar to when it changed from British Petroleum. Second time's a charm?)
8. RadioShack (currently a takeover target, perhaps by Best Buy?)
9. Merrill Lynch (look for a renaming to Bank of America Investment Management)
10. Kia Motors Corp. (Hyandai will likely dump its weakest link)

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