Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is it Illegal to Legalize Marijuana?

This may sound like your basic bubble-headed blonde type question... but marijuana reform opponents have maintained for years that federal law prevents states from enacting their own marijuana legislation. I ran across an interesting post today that examines how the feds might handle marijuana use should Proposition 19 pass in California's November election.

To summarize, federal authorities might have the right to interfere with the distribution of marijuana, but recreational and medical marijuana users would be within their rights as citizens of the state of California. The fact that Proposition 19 also allows for personal grow spaces would mean that the number and size of these personal spaces would be impossible to target under federal law. Recreational and medical marijuana users could circumvent the inability to purchase during a "dry spell" by growing their own supply.

Interesting stuff... I am waiting to see how other states react should California's voters pass Proposition 19. And how marijuana's tax revenues will impact the growing California deficit.

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