Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Are YOU Ready for some FOOTBALL?

It occurred to me last Sunday night as I was channel surfing that I very nearly missed the first televised pre-season game of the 2010 football season! ARRRRRRRGH! Close call! So of course I had to go scooting over to the Colts' official site to check out what's going on... sadly... looks like the first beyond-local telecast will not be until August 26th on ESPN at 8 PM.... sad dayyyyyyyy! Of course that is when I will be in transit to my new home in Rochester, MN :( Here's hoping that Vikings country will be a more Colts-friendly environment than its been down here it Buccaneer land. Bad enough that I was stuck with a pathetic excuse for a team mere miles from home... but Colts games were CONSTANTLY being bumped by the Bucs televised atrocities.

After getting caught up on the state of things in the AFC... I am fairly certain that the playoffs will come down to The Colts (of course), Dolphins, Chargers and Patriots. And here's why...

Last season, my boys in blue won eight games that were decided by less than eight points. Some of them were ugly, granted, and fights to the last second... with more than one "hail mary" finish. But Peyton Manning always seems to find a way when it counts. As long as he stays healthy... and the defense keeps it together... The Colts will be in good shape in January. Looks like they may have to start the season without Center Jeff Saturday, who underwent arthroscopic surgery last Tuesday... but hopefully he will be back closer to two weeks than the possible six? Just four weeks would have him back in time for the season opener against the Texans... and DEFINITELY by the time the Colts face the NY Giants. On top of that, left tackle Charlie Johnson sprained his right foot... but seems to be on the mend... and should be healthy in plenty of time.

With the addition of a big running back in Ryan Mathews, the Chargers should be an even more dynamic team than last year and will (as much as I hate to say it) give the Colts a run for their money. With the ability to run the ball so the play-action fake will actually be worth something? The Vince Lombardi Trophy might just be their's for the taking.

I have waited a lonnnnnng time for the Miami Dolphins to find their way as a team again... They were awesome at execution last season, but not so great on the 2-minute defense end of things... and just not very good at making the big plays. But... if they can figure out how to stop those big plays on defense, and make a few on offense, we just might see them in the January playoffs.

Had to include the New England Patriots. Mostly cuz I hate 'em. Don't laugh - I'm serious! I have never despised a team in any sport as long or as hard as I have despised the Patriots. But that has nothing to do with football. That's an integrity thing (or lack thereof). But... back to football... As much as they try to surround Brady with young talent, they are definitely a team in transition and can't hide it. And they need their young players to start playing quickly and producing or they won't go anywhere this season. Although I have to admit that I found it quite joyous to watch them let the opponents score EVERY time they were first and goal inside the 5-yard line last season :) Not to mention those turnovers in several game-ending offensive drives :) But I suppose, as reluctantly as I type this, that if their young guys can toughen up and pull it together, we will likely see them in January. UGH.

Now to head to the NFC sites and check out what's happening on the other side of the football ;)

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