Friday, September 3, 2010

Almost Equal Time for the NFC North

The NFC North teams to beat (in my opinion) are the Packers and the Vikings. And I'm not just saying that because of my recent cross country move from Florida's lovely Gulf Coast to Rochester, Minnesota. Absolutely LOVING Rochester by the way! The rolling hills and lakes are simply beautiful. I'll update you all as to my opinion in winter time and let you know if I feel the same way -- BRRRRRR! But I digress... Let's bring it on back to football.

Aaron Rodgers has become the team leader the Packers expected, and has been doing an incredible job as QB in line with the Packers' "throw the football" style game. To allow Rodgers to fully meet his potential however, their offensive line needs to establish a more consistent level of play. Last season's 51 sacks need to be cut in half. Tramon Williams will also need to step it up with cornerback Al Harris unable to play.

The Vikings on the other hand, have a brilliant defensive front that is effective against both the pass and the run. Their claim to fame especially is in their ability to rush the quarterback. Their secondary, however, needs to work on consistency, which is going to be difficult given their current secondary line-up. The Vikings are, to be blunt, old... and injured. Cedric Griffin is still recovering from the torn ACL he acquired in that sad NFC Championship game. Antoine Winfield, entering his twelfth season, is just recovering from a foot injury. And starting right corner Chris Cook is dealing with a torn meniscus. The Vikings acquired running back Toby Gerhart, runner up in the Heisman Trophy voting, needs to step it up to spell Adrian Peterson and help keep Favre healthy. If the Vikings get through October's schedule against the Jets, Dallas, Packers and Patriots... they are a lock for post season.

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