Friday, October 15, 2010

My Evolving Mahalo Freelance Career -- Part 3

Life was good... I was working at Mahalo Monday through Friday... receiving a stable monthly check based on an hourly pay rate... working around 45 hours a week... home for my son and able to spend time with my daughter and new grandson.... in a relationship with someone who was fun and appreciated ME! Life was good at 48 :) And then the other shoe fell. It always does - LOL!

Mahalo sent an email in June that they were discontinuing the remote guide program and beginning a revenue share program that would be based on a percentage of Google earnings on the pages you manage. Instead of earning my comfortable weekly check... it was gonna be dicey! Fortunately, with my experience managing the video games and walkthrough teams, I had learned the finer points of writing a video game walkthrough. My son and I had the best time playing video games that summer. Well... he played... I wrote the step by step instructions to beat the game while watching him. I was earning around $300 for each walkthrough we wrote... and he had practically an unlimited video games budget. Gotta love a tax writeoff. A total win win for me and Sam :)

While I was playing video games, I was learning about how to SEO pages and provide good backlinks... all tools that would help them to keep climbing in the Google search index. When I first managed pages, I was earning a whopping $2 a day! It was pretty nerve wracking! But as my pages gained traction, income on each page slowly began to grow. By the time the revenue share program ended, I was earning approximately $75 per day.

Unfortunately, all people and verticals are not suited to working within the confines of a revenue share program. I still miss it terribly, but am enjoying my latest role with Mahalo... that of the training "manager." I work with a group of really awesome and committed people who are focused on making Mahalo the best content site on the web... and continue to "meet" fun people on a daily basis. Yep! Life is still good -- even at 50 ;)

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