Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do You Want to Dance Like a Star?

While I was working last night, I was catching up on my weekly dose of reality television... watching the stars dance... missing Florence Henderson just the teensiest bit... and chuckling over Bristol Palin's introduction as a (insert British voice-over announcer here) teen activist. I guess it does sound better than "single unwed mother." Who knew that she would still be on the show rueing the flaunting of her sexuality on the dance floor when Florence was so obviously shown the door for displaying sexuality at the age of 76 during her sexy Rumba?

But I digress... After hearing Jennifer Grey's review in which Len absolutely trashed her Paso Doble performance... I was clueless. I mean... I caught the mistake that she made towards the end... looked like Derek Hough almost wiped out to me as well... Don't get me wrong... last night's performance was nowhere near her amazing Argentine Tango -- which earned her the first 10s of season 11.

But I didn't think it was THAT bad... !

Check out the instructions on the Mahalo page and see if you can tell where Jennifer went wrong:

How to Dance the Paso Doble

While I didn't think Jennifer Grey's paso was BAD, my favorite paso in DWTS history is Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya's paso from Season 10.

And then when Bristol's tango was praised to the heavens by the judges, I didn't think it came close to Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson's Star Wars tango of Season 4.

Next time you are watching and don't have a clue what Len is talking about... Mahalo offers several pages on DWTS' most popular dances so you can try to understand the judges' scores.

How to Dance the Fox Trot
How to Dance the Jive
How to Dance the Viennese Waltz
How to Dance the Samba
How to Salsa
How to Tango
How to Dance the Argentine Tango
How to Dance the QuickStep
How to Dance the Rumba

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