Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Are you addicted to Facebook games?

I can’t log onto Facebook with seeing that one of my friends whom I haven’t spoken to since high school has declared war on one of my other high school buddies! What's a girl to do? Faction infighting? Really? Now that I think about it... not much has changed since high school.

But now it’s all part of this Facebook craze. What should’ve been just another fad has taken users by storm and driving all the other users crazy.

Have you recently heard anyone say "I have got to go home and shake down my rackets." And you think to yourself, "Shake down what rackets?" Or "I only have four hours left to water my crops" which of course prompts the thought, "They live in the city... what crops?"

They’re talking about Mafia Wars, Mobsters, Farmville, Farm Town, Country Story, or any of the other very addicting game applications on Facebook that do a very nice job helping people to waste their time.

With the farming games, for example, players are given a virtual farm they must tend to. They can plant crops, which grow at different intervals so they must remember when they’re ready to harvest before they are ruined. They earn coins to buy more crops by selling them. They can also earn ribbons for advancing skills. Truth be told I even play one or two of them myself!

Try doing a simple search on Facebook and you will find over 500 groups with the word Farmville in the name. The groups promise cheats, coins and new friends if you join them. Same with Mafia Wars or any of the other popular applications.

People have entire blogs devoted to the games, spending every waking moment strategizing how to get "level up" so they can get more coins. Do these people not have a life?

I’m not the only one who feels this way, a Facebook fan page called Not Playing Farmville boasts 2 million fans!

But "it’s just a silly game," you say to yourself. Just a silly game? Tell that to the 75 million users of Farmville and 14 million users of Farm Town!

Of those, 235 of those Farmville players are my friends! And Mafia Wars another 917!

It’s a travesty.

Maybe they can all join the Farmville Addicts Anonymous group. Even though it’s not exactly anonymous considering your name is on your Facebook.

Oh, and I figured out how to block the constant game notifications that kept me from keeping up with my friends. At least I can get on Facebook without going crazy now ;)

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