Saturday, January 8, 2011

Colts 2010 Season Wrap-Up

What a disappointing end to an up and down season for my boys in blue. I had such high expectations for the Colts this year... that did not include ending with a record of 6-6. But with the major injuries forcing more and more roster moves... even with the big comeback wins and previously unknowns stepping up to the plate (Fili Miola, Pat Angerer, Kavell Conner, Mike Pollack, Blair White, Ricardo Matthews), the Colts managed to both under achieve and over achieve all the the same season. And had me burned out, thinking we were done, when we were less than half way through the season. It's amazing that we managed to win the four straight must-win games to take the AFC South title.

So, what next to prep for the 2011 season? Re-signing the free agents of course. At the top of the list... Peyton Manning, whose contract expired this year. This is a huge off season. What else?
  • Get Manning better run blockers/pass protectors. I shudder to think about how many 3rd and 1's we failed to convert. Winning a game requires Peyton to set an NFL record for pass attempts and completions every time out. We need for the Colts to have the kind of running game we had when Edgerrin James was in his prime. While Peyton is amazing, we need balance.
  • Special Teams coverage is pathetic. It's impossible to win if the opponents consistently get the ball on the 45 yard line with each kick-off and punt. I think this needs to be addressed at the coaching level.
  • Make good use of the draft. We will have a higher draft position than we have had in some time (21st or 22nd). Make the best of it!
  • Get healthy. We experienced an inordinate amount of injuries this season. Beef up off-season strength and conditioning or whatever else it takes to keep our guys healthy.
2011 looks to be a very promising season.  The chance of a home game for the Super Bowl is realistic! Go Colts!

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