Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Discovery Channel, Catholic Church Team Up for Spring Exorcism Series

The Discovery Channel is partnering with Catholic priests for a new series that recreates hauntings and demonic possession. The series, titled ''The Exorcist Files," is based on real-life cases investigated by the Catholic Church and includes access to the exorcism case files. Church exorcists will also be interviewed for the series.

The Catholic Church believes that, in rare instances, a demon may inhabit a home, object or person. In the series, over a dozen Roman Catholic exorcists from the United States, Spain, Italy and other countries will be featured in dramatic reenactments of exorcisms and personal stories of the men and their work. People who claim to have been possessed by satanic spirits will also be part of the show, talking about their experiences before, during and after the process. Psychiatrists, theologians and New York Police Department experts on occult crimes will also be interviewed.

The Exorcist Files will debut this spring on Discovery Channel; an exact date has not yet been established.

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