Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol 9 Top 8 Boys Review

Now for the boys turn... The boys are quite a bit tougher for me to do than the girls because none of them stand out for me the way the girls do.

1. Casey James got a tough go from the judges last week, but was viewed very favorably by the audience in spite of the judges' critique. He is a shue-in for the top 12... but could really use a break out performance to separate from the pack.
2. Michael "Big Mike" Lynche is a loveable teddy bear who will likely get through to the top 12 just on likeability alone.
3. Lee Dewyze is loved more by the judges than the voting public and could really use some popular appeal. I think he has done enough to safely get into the top 12 though. – The judges love him, but I’m not sure the rest of America appreciates his awkward and somewhat pitchy performances.
4. Aaron Kelly is in a similar position to Katie Stevens - not quite ready for the big time. He is splitting the tween vote with Tim Urban and Alex Lambert too. Of the 3, I think he is safest, but he needs a stellar performance to safely separate himself from the other 2 tween heart throbs.
5. Alex Lambert does not seem sure of himself and quite a nervous wreck during each performance. But last week I think we saw the beginnings of "what could be" if he can ever get over his nerves. I think if he can squeak through the next few weeks, we may seem someone special in the making.
6. Andrew Garcia is still surviving on his Hollywood week performance and desperately needs to get back on track to stay in the game.
7. Tim Urban NEEDS a great performance tonight to have a shot at advancing. But the tweenagers might be able to save him, particularly if the judges come out for him tonight. I think that Tim needs to go at this point.
8. Todrick Hall has repeatedly made the same mistake of rearranging songs until they are not recognizable and then performing them badly. He needs a miracle to stay on the show at this point.

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