Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lacey Brown is Booted from Idol

The Judges' Save is being reinstuted for Season 9. The judging panel will have the option of saving one contestant through week 5. As with Season 8, the save can only be used once during the entire season. The one minor change in the save process is that the contestant is able to select a song to "sing for their lives" rather than performing the song that got them into the position of needing to be saved. A kindness to be sure.

Lacey Brown was the first of the top 12 to be eliminated. Not a big surprise as Lacey tended to be pitchy and was not consistent throughout the live shows. Simon's most recent feedback said that she seemed to approach each song as if she were an actress, perhaps suggesting that she should consider musical comedy. Lacey's roomie, Paige Miles, and Tim urban joined Lacey to make up the bottom 3 before the final elimination.

Tim's survival generated the biggest surprise, as he probably deserved the boot more than either of the two ladies. Just goes to show how helpful the tweenager vote is for the cuter male contestants on the 'Idol' stage.

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