Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Did the 'Idol' Top 12 Kill It? Or Manage to Kill the Rolling Stones?

I'll admit it: I was afraid. The thought of this year's Idols making music from the hits of the Rolling Stones was the furthest thing from a match made in heaven that I have imagined in some time. For me, the season has become about Crystal Bowersox... and the rest. Although I still am holding out hope that Didi will rise to the occasion, and of course there is Casey James :) So who were you loving last night? And who are you hoping will get the boot tonight?

Several of the remaining finalists managed to botch their assigned songs quite handily. Katie Stevens managed to turn the tale of romantic longing told in "Wild Horses" into a pitchy plea for votes (or something). Andrew Garcia missed thje boat on the fierce anti-war anthem. And Tim Urban... (sigh)... well... let's just say sexual domination reggae style just didn't work for me.

In fairness to the contestants, three-chord songs that require a limited vocal range don't have a chance at sounding good performed by anyone except the iconic "Stones." And Crystal Bowersox did manage to do a stellar job, while a few fellow contestants managed to do themselves proud. So the evening was not a total loss. But close. If I was Keith Richards, I would be rolling... somewhere... that's for sure.

Here's my thoughts on grading the contestants that performed last night.

Excellent: Didi Benami, Crystal Bowersox

Good: Siobhan Magnus, Lee Dewyze, Aaron Kelly, Michael Lynche, Casey James

Satisfactory (I guess): Paige Miles, Katie Stevens, Tim Urban

Disappointing: Lacey Brown, Andrew Garcia

It will be interesting to see if I am on track for this week's voting results... or if my Idol radar is still way off base!

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