Friday, July 2, 2010

High Levels of Cadmium Prompt Recall of Children’s Trinkets

Approximately 70,000 trinkets distributed by doctors and dentists as a reward for good boys and girls have been recalled by the Consumer Product and Safety Commission due to high levels of Cadmium. Cadmium, a naturally occurring toxin, is a known carcinogen and can weaken kidneys and bones. Particularly dangerous when ingested, regulators are concerned that children may bite, chew, suck on or swallow the cadmium-jewelry. Included in the recall are ""Happy Charm Bracelets" with colorful beads on an elastic band and a metal charm depicting either a butterly, sun or moon attached to the bracelet. Rings with a metal football-shaped charm appended to an adjustable band are also part of the recall.

The trinkets were imported by the Toy Network, of Indianola, Iowa and Fun Express Oriental Trading Company, of Omaha, Nebraska. They were made available free of charge in doctor and dentist offices nationwide from June 2005 through March 2010. Consumers are urged to dispose of the jewelry immediately. Contact SmileMakers, Inc, a Staples subsidiary and the distributor of the items, toll-free at (877) 390-5470 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET for more information concerning the recall.

There are currently no federal requirements for testing cadmium in children's jewelry. However, some companies began testing for it when it was learned that some Chinese manufacturers began substituting cadmium after lead was banned from children's jewelry in 2008. As a result of the testing, federal regulators have recalled Disney-branded jewelry sold at Walmart; "Best Friends" charm bracelets sold at the international jewelry and accessories chain Claire's; and 12 million "Shrek" movie-themed drinking glasses being given away at McDonald's with cadmium pigment in their decoration.

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