Monday, July 5, 2010

OMG! Farmville Groceries are REAL!

Now let's think about this! Any of you who play Farmville... where you spend hours and hours growing your own virtual fruits and veggies. I just found out that now you can buy your very own FarmVille brand junkfood at 7-11! Where have I been? Not playing FarmVille I guess... Don't look at me! I just get paid to write about these games... not to play them :P And the iPad games are kinda the "in thing" right now so I have been sadly neglecting my Facebook play time.

But ya know... Nuthin says "fresh and healthy" quite like a good junk food spree at 7-11! Especially when an in-game swimming pool might be included with your snack purchase ... if you're lucky ;) I guess that's one way to work off those junk food calories... Taking a dip in your very own FarmVille pool!

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