Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dominos plans to be the first fast food chain on the moon

Dominos, popular for its '30 minutes or free fastest pizza delivery on the planet,' has been planning to build a pizza restaurant on the moon for the past year. Cost of the project is estimated at about $21 billion to cover transportation of materials to the moon's surface and the branch construction. It is estimated that 15 rockets will be required to transport 70 tons of construction materials and pizza-making equipment to the moon to complete the project. Dominos is hoping to cut costs by using mineral deposits on the moon to make the necessary concrete. Initial drawings depict a two-story domed facility with a basement, and an area to prepare the pizza. Staff would be required to live on-site. Despite the current moon project, Dominos was not the first pizza restaurant to deliver a pizza in space. That distinction belongs to Pizza Hut with a pizza delivery to astronauts in the International Space Station in 2001.


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